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Life Goes On.......Deal or No Deal !

14 November 2019

Life Goes On.......Deal or No Deal !

Life Goes On……. Deal or No Deal!

Whilst there is absolutely no doubt about the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we have found ourselves busier than ever this year with many of our clients expressing a desire to carry on with their plans and their lives irrespective of what happens in the future.

   When and how we leave the EU has of course caused jitters in all areas of the housing market. We see it especially in the slow down of growth in house prices and most definitely a lack of good homes coming onto the market. 

   However, it is impossible to say how much of this is purely the fault of Brexit as many would argue that the slowdown in house price growth is as a result of a long overdue market correction. Indeed we have certainly seen with many of our London clients that, with realistic pricing of their London homes, they have not had a problem with selling and they have been able to move forward with their lives and plans to move out of the capital and join us here in the lovely Wealden countryside!

    Many of our clients have also cited the lack of good houses on the market, and the high volume of buyers then chasing after these homes, as a reason for coming to us for help. They have often found themselves frustrated by losing out on multiple purchases in what is a very competitive environment.  This is where our network of contacts with local estate agents, land agents and architects and our ability to source “off-market” properties really does make a difference.

    What all the experts seem to agree on is that it’s hard to put your lives on hold for the unknown!  Buying a home is generally a long-term decision and investment, driven by factors such as starting a family, children changing schools or a change of job or career, These are things that can’t wait ! So it seems sensible to expect that any short-term hiccups in house prices (even for major events such as elections and Brexit) are likely to stabilise in the mid to long-term.

    It is also worth remembering that interest rates are incredibly low at the moment, with great mortgage options for both fixed and flexible deals, allowing you to keep your options open in the uncertain months (or years !!!!) ahead ……