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Wicked New Website

24 May 2016

Wicked New Website

Drum roll!

It’s an exciting time for us as we launch our new branding and website.

During the last ten years we have evolved as a business and we felt the time was right to create a whole new brand identity and website that truly captures our essence and reflects our ethos and how we would like our clients and contacts to perceive us; our persona.  

We hope the new website is easy to navigate and clearly explains what we do and how we can help our clients, as well as proving some essential information and links, and it gives us an excuse to showcase some of our clients’ testimonials!

It's not been a process that has been entirely painless!  It's been a hard decision for Fiona to say goodbye to her beloved 'brown' that she has embraced so fondly from the beginning and move away to a totally new colour palette! Many an hour we have spent as a team looking at fonts, colours and design concepts, but it's been worth it, we are delighted with our new branding, which is fresher and more contemporary in look and feel. We especially like the 'tile' effect on the new website that compliments our property search niche along with our favourite key symbol.  The worst part of the whole process was undoubtedly having our photos taken which involved much cringing, angst, screaming and swearing as we came to terms with our images on a computer screen!

The new website has provided an opportunity for us to update and refresh the content, together with the creation of a new challenge for us in the 'back office', our first 'blog page' which we hope you find engaging and informative. 

A big thank you to all the team at RedSpa for helping us build a website that we feel represents what we are all about, whilst helping us through the technical challenges of wire frames and front ends!

Thank you too to Paul Viant for his beautiful photography which we love and are delighted to use on our website.