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Do you need a search agent and how to choose the right one?

28 November 2017

Do you need a search agent and how to choose the right one?

At the very beginning we always encourage clients to ask themselves two questions.  Do you need a search agent and on what basis should you choose a search agent? 

The primary reason for employing a search agent is to gain access to off-market properties.  Looking on property portals like Rightmove is a good way to see what is on the open market but if you’ve heard yourself say “there’s just nothing on the market” it could be time to speak to a professional.

If you lead a busy life, search agents undoubtedly save you time as they do all the leg work and can view any prospective properties in advance so clients only view those that are genuinely suitable. Depending on market conditions, search agents can also save you money.  We always aim to secure a property at the lowest possible price and we try and save at least our fee when negotiating on behalf of our clients.

If you have a search agent representing you, your credibility with the estate agents soars.  They know you are a committed buyer as you are paying someone to find you your onward purchase.  You go to the very top of the list and in the event of competition from another buyer or buyers you are best placed to secure the property if the credentials of the buyers are on a par.  You are a low risk option. 

When it comes to deciding on a search agent, experience matters.  Over the past ten years we have built up contacts with local estate agents and the wider community that are critical to the success of all our searches.  Tip offs come from many sources and it’s important to be able to tap into all of them.

Personality is paramount when appointing a search agent.  Look for qualities like being open and honest and find someone you think will really listen to your needs and go the extra mile for you.  We would highly recommend meeting with a search agent before you instruct them to see if it’s a good fit.  They will be privy to your financial information so you need to know you’re in safe hands.  We get to know our clients really well and often help with anything from finding schools for children to booking a skip for moving day.  We also offer to put prospective clients in touch with past clients and testimonials on websites are really worth reading.