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Top 5 Must Haves For Different Family Members

22 May 2017

Top 5 Must Haves For Different Family Members

An architect associate of ours has just asked us to comment on what families are looking for when buying a home so it got us thinking about the Top 5 must haves for different family members.  Here are some ideas:


1. Shed (man cave) to hide in from the wife and kids.

2. Garage in which to store numerous bikes, garden tools and machinery, boy’s toys and things of little or no use. Strictly not for cars unless they are classic.

3. Study to pretend to work in but really to hide in (See 1)

4.  A room big enough for an oversized television and plenty of seating to watch sport with friends.

5.  A very large American style fridge/freezer.



1. Large eat-in kitchen for all the perfectly behaved offspring to be fed in/do homework/gather round for family meals/create most mess in.

2. Bath in the bathroom as well as shower to wallow in at the end of the day.

3. Top of the range dishwasher.

4.  Utility room to dump all the sports kit in.

5.  Playroom adjoining kitchen if the children are young.  Playroom as far away as possible if they are teenagers so you are not deafened by the loud music.


Young Kids

1. Playroom to get away from adults and spread out (on a daily basis) plastic fantastic toys and games.

2.  A garden to run around in with a level area of lawn to play football/do gymnastics.

3.  A swimming pool.

4. If they’re into horses, a paddock for a pony.

5. A level area of lawn for a trampoline.



1.  A room very far away from where the parents tend to be, so they can’t catch them up to no good, preferably detached from the main house.

2. A gigantic games room with a Playstation, a pool table, a table tennis table, table football and air hockey.

3. A bedroom of their own very far away from parents (See 1).

4. A large garden for what teenagers call gatherings, which is really a party re-branded to give the impression to parents that it’s not a big deal even thought they have invited everyone they know on social media.

5.  Walking distance to a pub so that they can make use of that fake ID that they bought on the internet.